December 8, 2022

Travel to India, what you need to know

India Travel

A few expert travel tips will help you enjoy this India trip.

India is a wonderful country with many wonders or marvels to see and plenty of things to do. The massive crowds, visual explosion of color full saris, lumbering cows, polluted weather, traffic jams and chaos are inherent features of India.

No wonder such attributes are also some kind of unique encounters for the discerning visitor.

Many expatriates Indians living in western countries viz usa, uk, canada, europe, gulf and australia are looking to visit their motherland after many years.

Western life of clean, air-conditioned, and safe environments find themselves in Indian Airport where huge crowds, polluted air and stuffy weather prevails. The smelly, bright and humid Indian airport suddenly gives them the impressions that they are totally in a different world.

How to Survive India Trip as a Beginner 

What to eat & drink, women specific tips

Scams to avoid & everything else you need to know.

First time visitor to India

For many india visitors anxieties only start after landing in India. In essence, the change from the cool, dry and clean air to the hot, humid, smelly, and bright weather in India reminds them that they are completely in a different country which has many unique wonders to see and things to do while experiencing massive crowds, traffic jams, pollution, chaos and bargaining.

The discerning visitor will not be disappointed as India has many marvels to offer- the majestic Taj Mahal in New Delhi, Swami Vivekananda’s temple in Trivendrum in Southern India, tourist hot spots in the Himalayas, Sandy beaches in Goa and many more. So for any first time visitor must know simple tips and ways which are helpful to travel in India. By knowing such simple tips and tricks, the inexperienced visitor can enjoy India’s beauty and culture without losing his or her valuable belongings, money, calmness and directions.

Indian FoodWhen travelling alone in India, any visitor should:

Make a short list of things to do and wanted to see. Such prior planning will help any first time visitor more focused and his or her stay meaningful.

Always try to dress in traditional clothing and act like a true Indian citizen who knows exactly what he or she is doing and where he or she is moving around.

Scams to Avoid

Watch out for trickster or slimy characters looking for gullible or innocent prey.

Never talk to strangers. If anyone needs information, always go to an official travel information desk or website or other tourist information centres to get the required information.

Tourist Guide in India

Getting the services of a licensed tourist guide may be a good option. Alternatively, talk to your friends or sought valuable advice from people or friends who have visited India before you.

Money Safety Tips for Travelers

Keep money in a safe place and carry only what is required in local Indian currency.

Preventive medicines & basic first aid items

Keep handy some preventive medicines and basic first aid items. Armed with such items will keep the first time visitor away from hassles of searching for a doctor or a drug store in case he or she gets sick.

Water Bottle in India

It is always better to carry a water bottle or buy bottled water from a reputed and branded supplier.

Similarly avoid freshly prepared drinks or cool drinks available at street vendors. Such drinks may be contaminated with pathogens or bacteria that make any new visitor sick.

Indian Street Food

If anyone opt to eat on the street, it is always safe to consume only fresh fruits or foods that were cooked at high temperatures. Otherwise chances are high for anyone getting sick owing to bacterial infection such as severe diarrhoea or fever.

Backpacking in India

Besides above, new adventurous visitor can backpack while traveling in India. Backpacking is more fun and enjoyable as he or she can become more independent, can learn about diverse Indian cultures and cultivate new friendships. Since India is a huge country, any visitor needs more time to explore the wonders of India. With the six month visa, any visitor can backpack broadly and explore many tourist hot spots leisurely. The hot spots that are popular in India: holy cities, Rajasthan palace, Taj Mahal, Hindu temples, spectacular beaches, beautiful and breath-taking Himalayan Valleys and mountain range, and scintillating beaches in Goa and many more.

Additionally, backpacking is safe, if anyone uses his or her common sense and show respect for the hospitable local communities.

The local travel advisories and agents are available along most frequently used routes. They can arrange various backpacking expeditions that are ideal for the short and long-term visitor.

India Travel Advisory : USA State Dept

India Travel Advice : UK

There are many travel agents who can arrange day trips, flights and necessary permits for the discerning backpackers. Most popular means of transport for backpackers are buses and trains which are cheap and are ideal for covering short and long distances. Similarly, tourist or travelers can use internal domestic flights to cover long distances in few hours. Such flights are very economical, safe and reliable, and can be easily reserved.

By following above simple tips and advice, any first time visitor to India can enjoy his or her stay without any hassle. So there is no reason stopping anyone visiting India and explore her wonders.

Indian Street

India for beginners: what you need to know


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